The other week my self worth was tested big time 😕

I felt all my triggers, wounds and hurt come up to the surface. Name every dark emotion, I felt it

When we are in this headspace, our judgment is clouded, logic goes out the window and our behaviour starts to spiral out of control

I love to be as real and as authentic as possible here, as I never want to paint a picture that is false. Whilst I spend a lot of time in a state of joy and excitement, there is of course the opposite!

I shared the full story to my clients within the Reset & Rise Mastermind as a walking example of how I turned this situation around very quickly

What I do want to share here though, is what I was reminded of and what I learnt from this recent experience

🌱 It’s in these moments that the tools we know and share matter most

🍀 I have the best friends, partner, family and clients in the whole entire world

✨ Being kind at your core is incredibly underrated

🙌🏼 The inner work is worth it. Had I not done all this work on myself to unconditionally love myself, I do not want to know how I would have responded

💛 You cannot please everyone, so just be you!

✨ Love yourself so much that you don’t seek external validation

🌻 Gratitude is everything 🙏🏼

🌟 Don’t sink down to their level! Happy people will never try to bring you down

☀️ Who you surround yourself with matters

I am so proud of myself for how far I have come. In the past a situation like this would have knocked me down for months, and now it makes me stronger and more driven.

If you’d like to learn to more, check out my latest podcast episode with the link in my bio!