I’ll take any opportunity to share what I’m so grateful for!

✨ Really solid people in my life. I am forever grateful to my friends, family and Jordy for being with me through thick and thin 💛 Thank you for all that you do and for who you are. Kind people are truly underrated and just the best.

✨ My clients. I am feeling so emotional writing this but I really do have the best clients on the planet. They make me laugh, cry and swear, sometimes all at once 😂 I know I am helping them, but they also help me and I just cannot believe I call this work!

✨ Rising Ventures, my company. I cannot believe I am saying that — I own a company 😮 it feels surreal to be owning a company at 24, just 2 years into the business. The blood, sweat, tears and love that has gone into creating this is next to none but every drop has been worth it!

✨ Me. Little old me. I’m so proud of myself. I’ve been through a lot, and also in comparison to the majority of the world, not a lot at all. But through thick and thin, I’ve been there for myself. I’ve been harsh, cold, kind, soft and loving and still, I’m here standing strong. I’ve got my back no matter what and as long as I have my back I know everything is going to be ok!

Now over to you, what are you grateful for? 🙏🏼

NLP Practitioner & Embodiment Coach For Women