Have I ever told you how I became a mindset and business coach?

Well without further or do, let me take you back to 2018

I was living at my grandparents place, going through a breakup and working a total of about 12 hours a week with no purpose in life

Life felt meaningless.

I felt stuck, lost and not enough.

After hitting an all time low, I decided I needed to get my life together and make some changes

I started to read, I started exercising, and before you know it I was attending my first seminar in Sydney Australia

I learnt so much at a 3 day event, and life was never the same again (if you know, you know 😉)

I made a decision that I wanted to help people change their life too so I invested in my first coach to help me become a coach

After many challenges, “failures”, low moments, things started to turn around!

Next thing you know, I was hitting 10k, 20k, 30k months and helping more people than I could keep up with around the world

What’s more exciting than any amount of money, was the impact. It was having a purpose and going to bed at night really feeling like I’d made a difference.

All of a sudden I wanted to help others create that feeling too, so I pivoted to business coaching for coaches, and well we are just getting started!

The message I want to leave you with is to never give up. Not on yourself or your dreams. I could not have predicted the fast growth of my business or in my life, but I trusted and I kept going and will continue to do so.

Life will continue to throw challenges and obstacles my way, and I know I’m in the very beginning. I’m sharing my story to share that it’s so possible for you too.

Listen to my latest podcast episode to hear the full story!

Sofia xx

NLP Practitioner & Embodiment Coach For Women