A reminder for myself and anyone else that needs it 💫

We have a 2 million year old brain that likes to keep us safe so it has a habit of thinking of the worst case scenario to protect us 😖

The problem with this is it stops us from living in a state of joy and inner peace

It takes a real conscious effort to train your brain to not do that, I still catch my brain trying to protect me often…

It is painful and does not serve us…whilst what is wrong may be available so is what’s right

Here are some helpful tips to start to train your brain to focus on the positive 👇🏼

🤍 Ask yourself a few times a day if your basic needs are being met. If they are, celebrate that 🎉

🤍 Do some deep breathing meditation to really ground you and calm your body down, it helps get you out of fight or flight mode ☁️

🤍 Journal your thoughts, use positive journal prompts to guide you or right down what you are grateful for remembering that whatever you appreciate, expands 📖

🤍 Do something kind for yourself. We can be so hard on ourselves when we have consistent thoughts that do not serve us. Reset, and take things slow and be kind. Try things like reading, talking to a friend who will support you (reach out to me if you need), take a bath or enjoy a nice warm drink 🫖

NLP Practitioner & Embodiment Coach For Women